“If you look after the root of the tree, the fragrance and flowering will come by itself. If you look after the body, the fragrance of the mind and spirit will come of itself.”


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Yoga with Tracy Von Kaenel
Aerial Yoga with Tracy Von Kaenel
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Yoga with Tracy Von Kaenel

Teaching the stillness and strength of yoga with knowledge, warmth and a sense of humor.

Instructor Tracy Von Kaenel is a degreed dance and yoga instructor with over 20 years of teaching experience. Tracy received her Advanced Level II Certification for Yoga Instructors from the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago.

She has been featured in Yoga Chicago Magazine with articles about both her adult classes and her children's classes. Tracy currently teaches at Galter Life Center, Sweet Peas Studio, Presbyterian Homes and the Tai Chi Center of Chicago, and formerly at Columbia College and Indiana University. She has given lecture demonstrations and master classes throughout Chicagoland and Northern Indiana including Northeastern Illinois University, Roosevelt University and Indiana University.

As a dancer, Tracy brings a unique understanding of the human body and its connection to the mind and spirit into all of her classes. Her teaching style is gentle yet bringing appropriate challenge to each student. Her goal is to bring greater body awareness, a deepening of one's own spirit, and profound sense of relaxation to all her students.

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November 08, 2009 - Um Madi Padme Hum was part of the Ravenswood ArfWalk celebration held at the Tai Chi Center of Chicago on October 3rd and 4th, 2009.

Aerial Yoga with Tracy Von Kaenel

As a dancer, Tracy had the privilege to work with Ameba Acrobatic and Aerial Dance Company under the direction of Chloe Jensen, where she was expertly trained in the aerial arts. While performing in this company for 5 seasons she recognized the potential for combining her knowledge of yoga with the gravity defying properties of the aerial sling, often feeling the healing properties of the aerial sling after rehearsals. Thus came the idea of bringing Aerial Yoga to the Tai Chi Center of Chicago.

Aerial Yoga combines all the benefits of a regular yoga practice with the added element of being suspended. Classic yoga inversions for example, take on a whole new feeling, as there is no pressure on the head or shoulders. The spine is free and allowed to decompress. In other poses, the weight of the body is partially supported to achieve more relaxation with less effort, enhancing a relaxed and peaceful state of mind. There is also an emphasis on fun in an aerial yoga class, exploring the exhilarating sensation of "flying".

Classes are designed to be progressive so that the student achieves at her/his own level. Students will immediately notice an increased sense of strength, awareness and freedom that only comes from Aerial Yoga. With regular practice students will find themselves progressing into advanced Yoga poses quicker and with more ease than a traditional class, which gives them confidence and awareness to bring into their regular practice.

Yoga Class Fees
Mondays 7:30-8:30pm - NEW CLASS, Zen Yoga begins Monday January 7th, 2013
Zen Yoga combines the deep relaxation of classic Restorative Yoga and the deep stretching of Yin Yoga into a beautiful practice that will soothe the body and soul. Deeply supported poses are held for a longer time allowing for full release of the tensions stored in the physical body. The atmosphere of the class is soft and soothing allowing the mind to let go of the busy thoughts. This is a lovely class to transition into a good nights sleep.
Tuesdays 6:00pm - 7:15pm - Beginning Yoga
Wednesdays 6:00pm - 7:30pm - Intermediate Yoga

$15.00 per class.
$130.00 for a 10 class pack. (Expiration 15 weeks after the date of purchase.)

Aerial Yoga Fees
Mondays 6:00-7:00pm
$150.00 for a six week session. Full payment due in advance.
Due to limited capacity in the Aerial Yoga Courses, no refunds will be offered for cancellations within one month of session start date.

Session I - January 6-February 10, 2014 FULL
Session II - February 17-March 24, 2014 FULL
Session III - March 31-May 5, 2014 FULL
Session IV - May 12-June 23, 2014 (no class Memorial Day May 26th) FULL
Session V - June 30-August 4, 2014 FULL
Session VI - August 11-September 22, 2014 (No class September 1/Labor Day)
Session VII - September 29- November 3, 2014
Session VIII - November 10-December 15, 2014

Contact Information
773-720 YOGA

For Tracy's Yoga books of choice follow this link.

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